Review of Hurricane Glass (Tall Grass) Album by Catherine Feeny

Catherine Feeny
Hurricane Glass (Tall Grass)
Album Review

Catherine Feeny Hurricane Glass (Tall Grass) Album

Singer songwriter Catherine Feeny is set to release her 2nd studio album 'Hurricane Glass'. The Los Angeles lady for some bizarre reason decided to come to the UK to record this album. Norfolk for some strange, strange reason, swapping the fun in the sun for the wettest drought in the history of England.

We see an insight in Catherine with a very personal and emotional album, which with her style of music, it does actually mix well together (if you like that kind of thing!). Catherine seems to mix Country, Folk and Pop music together. She has already pulled off a trick with 'Mr Blue', which is a real laid back track.. At times vocally there is touch of KD Lang, but I suppose that is down to her style.

The one thing that does get me is when artists try and be political; you're a musician, not a politician!! Don't abuse your position. Unfortunately Catherine is one of these people with 'Unsteady Ground', What I mean is with hard-hitting lyrics such as "the children don't know yet that we're bombing Baghdad". As for the rest of the album it is all just very much the same stuff all the way through, and just very much average.

Now although this is a pleasant album with some OK tracks, there is nothing that actually jumps out at you and sticks in your head. For the people out there that like to lounge about in their back garden with a glass of wine in the sun, then this is the album for you.

Mark Moore.

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