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4th July 2014

Fact: French actress Catherine Deneuve has been tapped to head the jury for The Dinard British Film Festival. The 25th annual event, which honours movies from Britain, will take place in France in October (14). Deneuve follows last year's (13) jury head, French soccer-player-turned-actor Eric Cantona. The rest of the panel will announced in the coming weeks.

24th April 2014

Fact: French movie icon Catherine Deneuve has put her chateau near Paris on the market for close to four million Euros ($5.5 million/£3.4 million). The sprawling 10-bedroom, 44-acre estate sits on the Eure river and comes with a home cinema, a sauna suite, a petting zoo and Jacques Witz-landscaped gardens.

9th July 2008

Quote: "After getting through security, I head to the news stand for those frighteningly expensive trashy tabloids. It's bliss. And best of all, there are no friends around to catch me." Legendary actress Catherine Deneuve reveals her guilty pleasure of indulging in celebrity gossip while waiting at airports.

22nd November 2006

Fact: French movie icon Catherine Deneuve played a widow who wanted her late husband's ashes scattered in her breast implants in an episode of cosmetic surgery drama NIP/TUCK, which aired in America last night (21NOV06).

27th July 2006

Fact: Dallas star Larry Hagman and French actress Catherine Deneuve are to make guest appearances in hit television show NIP/TUCK. Brooke Shields, Richard Chamberlain and Kathleen Turner will also feature in the fourth series of the American programme.

5th February 2006

Quote: <p>"It is real fur. I can promise you I have never worn fake and I never will." Mink-wearing Catherine Deneuve turns her nose up at the ethical alternative. </p>

3rd January 2006

Fact: <p>French movie icon Catherine Deneuve lists her least favourite body part as her "left ear," while her "wild garden" is her greatest achievement. The actress hopes to be reincarnated as a lime tree. </p>

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