Catherine Deneuve was "born" with a love for cinema.

The 66-year-old French actress - who has starred in movies including '8 Femmes' and 'Dancer In The Dark' alongside Bjork - admits she still gets a thrill when she goes into a cinema, which keeps her making films.

She said: "I love films, it's really something I'm born with and have been living with for such a long time and I go a lot to the cinema.

"I see a lot of films. It's still something that excites me. You know when I go in a public cinema, I sit down, it's going to get dark and the film starts, it's always a real pleasure for me. I'm still always very, very excited by films and the industry, yeah."

The Oscar-nominated star also reveals working with Roman Polanski on classic 1965 movie 'Repulsion' was a life-changing experience because of the closeness he created with his cast.

She told The New York Times: "It was one of the most important experiences I've had because I was quite young at the time when I did "Repulsion." And being a French actress working in London with him, who was a polished director. We were very separated, you know, from the crew, we were very close and he's really a director that loves to direct actors, I really listened to him very closely."

Catherine will next be seen in Francois Ozon-directed comedy 'Potiche' alongside Gerard Depardieu.