Cate Blanchett feels ''lucky'' to have a husband who supports her.

The Oscar-winning actress has been married to screenwriter and playwright Andrew Upton for almost 16 years, and admits she would feel ''lost'' without the man who she loves and has helped her to cope with the difficulties of having a very high-profile Hollywood career after she was catapulted to worldwide fame in the 1997 film 'Paradise Road'.

Cate, 44, said: ''I am a lucky woman because my husband supports me and helps me a lot. He understands what my profession is. We are lost without each other.''

She added: ''Our marriage's secret is that we make fun of everything because we see the absurdity when others see drama.''

The 'Blue Jasmine' star has three sons, Dashiell, Roman and Ignatius, with Andrew, but insists she loves being part of a male dominated family because she is the ''queen bee''.

She told Spanish website ''When you have three sons and a husband, you have to learn to survive. Maybe it is a little bit chaotic, but you haven't enough time to think about yourself.''

She added: ''Even the dog is a male. I'm feeling like the queen bee and I love it!''