Cat Deeley is reportedly moving back to the UK with her husband and two sons.

The 43-year-old television star - who has Milo, four, and two-year-old James with Patrick Kielty - is said to have put their £3.8 million Beverly Hills house up for sale as they look to leave Los Angeles for ''a new adventure''.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''This is more of a permanent move.

''She is a household name, and they both made it work in LA, but Patrick gets a lot more work back home, and she could always fly back and forth when the pandemic eases up.

''They were more than ready for this and wanted to be closer to family and friends and have their sons grow up in Britain. It's a new adventure.''

Last year, Patrick and Milo were caught up in a shooter scare after it was feared a gunman was on the loose.

Although it ended up being a suspicious package, Cat admitted at the time she was understandably nervous about her family's safety.

She said: ''A month or so ago, Paddy went to get him [from playgroup] and by 2pm they still weren't back home. They had been in a Shake Shack in Century City Mall and there was a shooter scare.

''Everyone was either told to lie behind the counter or pushed into the loos. People were screaming and crying. Then as they were all hiding, the FBI turned up with guns.

''Paddy kept Milo calm - he didn't really know what was going on - and in the end it just turned out to be a suspect package but ... Milo is three years old. Something like that has happened to him.''

And Cat added she was considering moving back to the UK because of the ''crazy'' gun laws in America.

She explained: '' The gun laws in America are crazy ... It's something we are thinking about. It's going to be a tough decision. We are based there but Paddy mainly works here so he goes back and forth, but we can reserve that. Things change when you have children.''