Review of Self-titled Album by Castrovalva

Review of Castrovalva's debut self-titled album released through Brew Records.

Castrovalva Self-titled Album

If you are bored of the same old run of the mill music that is around at the moment or whether you just fancy a change then cast your ears onto Castrovalva's self titled mini album. This really is like nothing around so if you really what to try something new, keep an open mind and give this lot a chance.

Manipulation, experimental, madness and pure noise, loud noise at that! Don't expect too much in the shape of lyrics because that is not what these two Yorkshire guys are about. The album explodes with 'Max Rhodes' this is like a thunderstorm of mayhem, it is like blasts and smashes that come out of nowhere but you know that every sound has strategically been put into place. This is a statement from Castrovalva of what they are about and the rest of the album apart from one tune backs this up.

'London Kills Me' is totally against the grain on his album and doesn't really fit in, or does it? How could you explain this, very therapeutic and chilled out, which is good because no sooner has this finished, than 'My Father Bleeds History' kicks in and your brain is shaking within it's skull from the heavy baseline and the pure loudness of the whole thing.

The mini album signs off with 'Triceratops' which lets this duo imprint there sound and hopefully you will remember who they are for a long time. There is no doubt that your ear drums won't forget in a hurry that is for sure.


Mark Moore

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