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Cass McCombs
That's That
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Cass McCombs That's That Single

Oh dear. After last week's introduction to Vampire Weekend, perhaps the thing I least wanted to hear this week was more diluted, vague Afro-pop references presented in a vaguely 'indie' song. If I hadn't spent all those nights listening to Peel and Kershaw, I might actually like this.

The beats aren't suited to lyrics about getting a job cleaning toilets in a nightclub in Baltimore, and the bass and guitar feel laboured compared with the blithely joyous and insanely busy things that Peel and Kershaw used to play. This single feels a bit lazy - tick a few boxes, slow the whole thing down and leave out the difficult bits. God forbid this should ever become a 'movement'. Some of us still remember Jimmy The Hoover .

Jon Watson

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