Movie hunk Casper Van Dien's hands revealed his child sex abuse hell to his wife-to-be Catherine Oxenberg on their second date. The former DYNASTY star, herself a victim of sexual abuse, reveals she intuitively knew her Starship Troopers actor boyfriend was hiding a shocking secret by looking at his hands. She explains, "I believe that when you heal a wound like child abuse it gives you the capacity to sense it in others. It is like a sixth sense. "I was looking at his hands and I said, 'You know, you have so much shame in your hands.' He pulled his hands away... as if he felt really exposed. "I said, 'It looks to me like your hands were forced to touch something that you didn't want to touch and I can sense it.'" A stunned Van Dien then confessed he'd been forced to sexually pleasure an 18-year-old babysitter when he was just eight. He reveals, "My problem was I never forgot what happened to me... I kept it to a secret until I was 32. She (Oxenberg) was the first person to catch me... I felt threatened. "I started to realise patterns I brought up in my life, where I hadn't been a faithful man in many of my relationships and I had created all these lies. It created a lot of problems for me." Oxenberg's intuition gave Van Dien the strength to tell his parents his dark secret. He recalls, "They both cried and said, 'Why couldn't you tell us?'"