The hills were alive last night, as NBC broadcast the live stage version of Rodgers and Hammerstein's classic stage show The Sound of Music. Favouring the original stage production over the 1965 movie version, the three hour showcase was one of the biggest talking points in America and managed to draw in a considerable audience number throughout its broadcast, but was it actually any good?

The Sound of Music
The show received a mixed reception from viewers and critics alike

The live broadcast was the second highest trending topic on micro-blogging site Twitter, falling just behind the death of former South Africa president and anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandella. On Twitter, audiences at home wrote of their approval or disapproval throughout the broadcast, with the overall view of the production being skewered down the middle as to whether it was any good. Some people loved it, and were particularly full of praise for Underwood, whilst others loathed the production, and were critical of the lead performance from the country star.

"#TheSoundOfMusicLive did not disappoint! Fantastic job to the cast @SoundofMusic & @carrieunderwood," one viewer at home tweeted. Another positive viewer wrote, "I've never watched the movie, but I enjoyed the #TheSoundOfMusicLive and thought @carrieunderwood was good for a newer actress!"

For some other enthused viewers, it wasn't Underwood who owned the show, but Broadway veteran Audra McDonald, with one tweeter posting, "@AudraEqualityMc I had no idea you could sing so beautifully :) wonderful job tonight," and another tweeting, "#SOML @AudraEqualityMc stole the show. I only saw 20 mins and that was quite clear."

Carrie Underwood
Underwood was either loved or loathed during last night's performance

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