'The Sound of Music Live!', which was broadcast on December 5th, earned mixed reviews but created plenty of excitement and intrigue. It garnered 18.4 million viewers and scored a 4.6 average rating in the adult demographic, making it the highest rating NBC production since the last episode of ER in 2009.

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood rehearsing

We're very pleased to be underway on 'Peter Pan' as our next live holiday musical for the whole family," said Mr Greenblatt in a later statement (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Adding, "We were all delighted to see how 'The Sound of Music Live!' struck such a chord in December and brought nearly 19 million people to the live telecast plus another several million viewers over the weekend. In the hopes that lightning strikes twice, we think we've landed on another great Broadway musical - which ironically also starred Mary Martin - that is a timeless classic for all audiences, young and old, who just never want to grow up."

Carrie Underwood starred as 'Maria,' a role that British actress Julie Andrews made iconic in the 1965 feature film, and 'True Blood's' Stephen Moyer portrayed 'Captain von Trapp'.

Who will be the stars of NBC's next musical?

Carrie Underwood
Who will be the stars of 'Peter Pan'?