The Sound of Music Live with Carrie Underwood – it happened, now we have to deal with the fallout. Many musical theater buffs were apprehensive about this NBC adaptation of the classic, but was it really as terrible as expected? Underwood was cast as Maria von Trapp in what is arguably the most beloved musical of all times because of her musical talent and her stage presence – both qualities, which helped her through the show last night.

NBC's The Sound of Music Cast Photo
According to some reviewers, this version just couldn't capture the magic of the original.

In fact, ratings show that viewers loved NBC’s live adaptation. According to CNN, 18.4 million people tuned into the show last night and it earned a 4.6 average rating in the adult demographic, making it the highest rating NBC production since the cancellation of ER back in 2009.

Meanwhile, the reviews are split on the actual quality of The Sound of Music Live. According to Broadway World’s Pat Cerasaro, the adaptation “far exceeded expectations and made a vintage musical feel real, relatable, viable and alive again for a 2013 audience - virtually everything worked.” But there were those, who were less impressed – both with Underwood’s acting skills and with the performance overall.

Carrie Underwood, The Sound of Music Rehearsal
Underwood's singing prowess is indisputable, but several critics found her less than believable as Maria.

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