Carrie Underwood worked out until the day before she gave birth.

The 'Smoke Break' hitmaker gave birth to son Isaiah Michael - who she has with husband Mike Fisher - in February and has admitted she kept exercising up until 24 hours before she went into labour.

She said: ''I worked out up until the day before I gave birth and food was a big part of it. I try to make healthy food choices and stay active.''

And the 32-year-old singer credits breastfeeding and taking her son to the park for keeping her fit.

She shared: ''Workouts happen if and when they can. I love to run but I've never done any long distances. And I haven't done it in a while, but I also like hot yoga.

''I'm really up for anything. I like to switch it up.''

Meanwhile, Carrie also revealed she loves dressing up for red carpet events but insists her public persona is very different to the person she is at home.

She told WWD: ''I'm like any other woman. There are a lot of layers to us. I like dressing up to go out for a date night or for a glam red carpet. That's Carrie Underwood, where I can wear a fabulous designer dress - that I borrowed - and wear diamonds - that I borrowed.

''But she's different from Carrie; that's who I am at home when I wear Calia stuff to go to the supermarket, take my son to the doctor or go for a walk in the park.''