Carrie Underwood has baby-proofed her tour bus so she can take her son on the road with her.

The 32-year-old country superstar is getting to release her fifth studio album 'Storyteller' on October 23 and will head out to perform it live in the coming weeks.

Carrie's son Isaiah - her child with her husband Mike Fisher - is only six months old so she doesn't want to leave him at home and has made modifications to her tour bus so she can have him with her at all times.

In an interview with ES Magazine, she revealed: ''We have a tour bus that's outfitted for a baby. It has locks put on all the cupboards, a crib and everything. We've been taking it out ... to give it a trial before we take it on tour.''

Carrie expects there to be some tough moments when she's on tour with Isaiah, but she's prepared to make it work because her son is her ''number one priority''.

The 'Smoke Break' singer said: ''I can think of so many male artists who do go on tour and they leave their families behind. Not only do I have to worry about picking up my show clothes, but I also have to pack Isaiah's bags. Then I have to feed him and everything else - it presents its own set of problems. But he is my number one priority.''

Carrie admits she was never a big fan of babies before she had her own child, but Isaiah has totally changed her life.

She explained: ''I think I've been doing a pretty good job so far. Isaiah is amazing. I was never really a baby person, but he is so special.''