Carrie Underwood's dogs make her life better.

The 29-year-old country singer - who is married to Canadian sports star Mike Fisher - admits she is happiest when she is around her pet pooches and her husband because they love her ''unconditionally''.

She said: ''What makes me happiest? My husband and my dogs Ace and Penny - they are just happy to see me, no matter what. I don't have to explain anything to them; they love me unconditionally. They make my life better.''

Carrie rose to fame on 'American Idol' and she reveals she would love to have told her younger self not to get so stressed about the direction her career was taking her.

She said: ''At the beginning of my career, I was trying to work out how to keep up with everything and maintain my sanity. I probably got more stressed and worried than I should have.''

However, she does admit she continues to worry about how involved her family have become in the showbiz world.

She added: ''Sometimes mom will call and say, 'There was someone sitting outside in a car park taking pictures for two hours.'

''I don't think that my decisions should have affected their lives the way it has. But they have dealt with it really well.''