Carrie Underwood wants to make sure she never embarrasses her future children.

The country music singer - who is married to Canadian ice Hockey player Mike Fisher - is always conscious she should not put herself into a situation which may come back to haunt her in later life.

She said: ''My motto is, 'I don't ever want to do anything that is going to embarrass my future children.'

''But other than that, I really just try not to think about being a role model and to just be who I am. If people feel like they can look up to that, that's cool.''

Carrie tries to stay grounded and thinks it is ''weird'' when people start leading unnecessarily lavish lifestyles because of their fame.

She said: ''When you get to the point when you're private jetting all over the place and spending $2,000 on shoes, it gets weird and you're not a real person any more.

''I met a young starlet and we were all going to hang out. She picked us up and she was in a Hummer and I was like, 'Really, You're not 20 yet and you've got a Hummer?' ''