Actress Carrie Fisher feels sure Elizabeth Taylor never loved her father Eddie Fisher - he was simply a shoulder for the movie veteran to cry on after the death of her husband MIKE TODD.
Fisher, who was the best man at Taylor and Todd's 1957 wedding, flew to the actress' side when his friend was killed in a plane crash the following year (58) - and the grieving pair embarked on a romance which ended the singer's marriage to Debbie Reynolds.
Appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday (15Feb11), Reynolds admits she has come to understand why Taylor and Fisher became an item.
Her daughter, who appeared with her on the show, confessed she has since spoken to Taylor about the scandalous romance she had with her father, who died last year (Sep10).
And Carrie reveals that although her father became Taylor's fourth husband, there wasn't a great deal of love involved.
She said, "I asked Elizabeth if she loved Eddie and she said, 'We kept Mike Todd alive...' All they did was talk about Mike and that's all she wanted... Eddie was Mike's best friend. They adored this man."
Reynolds revealed she later reconciled with her friend Taylor after she had divorced Fisher and wed Richard Burton when the two movie stars found themselves together on the same cruise.
She explained, "I sent her a note to Elizabeth and I said, 'Let's not have a problem... Let's just talk and have dinner together...' We went to dinner and there was a big hassle because we had Richard Burton and there were news people hiding behind trees and bushes.
"We went to the restroom and there was a big line of ladies and all the ladies were whispering, 'How can you talk to her...?' And they were furious with me and I said, 'Oh, get over it'."