Carrie Fisher was asked to lose 35 pounds, approximately 2.5 stone, for her upcoming role in Star Wars VII. The actress best known for her iconic role as Princess Leia revealed whilst attending an event in honour of her mother, Singing in the Rain actress Debbie Reynolds.

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds
Carrie Fisher with her mother Debbie Reynolds at the 'Debbie Reynolds - Auction Finale' on Wednesday.

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The cast of Star Wars Episode VII was unveiled in April with Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill set to reprise their roles from the original movie franchise. Speculation surrounding the upcoming film is rife and the press at Reynolds’ party could not resist asking Fisher about the production. The 57-year-old appeared at a party in Los Angeles on Wednesday (14th May) in honour of her mother Debbie Reynolds who is auctioning various Hollywood memorabilia. Although Fisher kept mum - pun definitely intended - about details of the upcoming film she was evidently excited about returning to the film franchise. This would certainly account for her substantial weight loss in order to return to Princess Leia and certainly shows true dedication!

Reynolds first drew attention to her daughter’s weight in an interview on Extra last week in which she announced her daughter had lost 50 pounds. Reynolds said Fisher’s “been on a diet ever since [she was cast in Star Wars VII], because you know they have to be up to par, so she looks terrific. She's very excited, as we all are, because we all love Star Wars.” Reynolds and Fisher were photographed together at the event and joked about the secrecy surrounding the upcoming Star Wars film. Reynolds announced Fisher “isn’t allowed to talk about it,” whilst Fisher add “So she [Reynolds] talks about it instead”.

Regardless of whether they would “get into trouble” Fisher did allude to her mother’s interview but stated the weight loss was closer to 35 pounds, stating the producers “hired me minus 35 pounds.” Whilst Reynolds once again chimed in stating her daughter had “worked her body off for one year to not have a body,” as the Daily Mail reports.

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However, did Fisher need to lose weight for the role? Surely after 35 years, no one can expect her to be the young ingénue who delighted science fiction fans around the world whilst appearing in a gold bikini? As an established and well respected member of the acting profession, surely her portrayal of the character is more important than the extra 35 pounds she may be hiding under her robes. Nevertheless, the issues surrounding size and weight are still at the forefront of the film industry as this latest revelation demonstrates.

J.J. Abrams is directing the upcoming Star Wars film, currently owned by Disney, and production is set to begin later this month. The film is due to be released on 18th December 2015 both in the UK and US.

Carrie FisherCarrie Fisher in 2011, before losing more than 2 stone.

Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher on Wednesday looking considerably thinner - but was it necessary?