WILSON PHILIPS singer Carnie Wilson has revealed she checked herself into rehab after replacing her food addiction with alcohol. The HOLD ON FOR ONE MORE DAY singer underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1999 and dropped from 300 pounds (136 kilograms) to 148 pounds (67 kilograms) in 16 months. After undergoing another surgery in 2002 to remove excess skin after her weight loss, she turned to alcohol for comfort. She explains, "I didn't feel like myself and I turned to alcohol because I couldn't turn to food anymore. "Alcohol numbed me for a while, then it got scary. I needed to get into recovery." After beating her alcoholism, Wilson faced another battle - post partum depression and weight gain after the birth of her baby LOLA last year (05). She says, "I started flipping out. I tried not to do it in front of Lola, but at night I'd cry." The star felt pressured to lose her pregnancy weight quickly, after the paparazzi took unflattering pictures of her. Wilson is currently back down to her pre-pregnancy weight, but hopes to lose even more by appearing as a contestant on VH1 reality series CELEBRITY FIT CLUB this summer (06).