Carnie Wilson has opened up about the perils of weight-loss surgery, warning fans an operation is not a cure for obesity.
The Wilson Phillips singer had a gastric band fitted in January (12) after gaining back the majority of the weight shed after a gastric bypass in 1999.
She has since lost more than 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms), but admits going under the knife wasn't an easy solution.
Wilson tells U.S. talk show Today, "The message isn't go out and get a surgery today. The most important thing I think we need to remember is that we're a work in progress. Do not be ashamed or afraid to ask for help. That's what I did. I asked for help...
"I was at the point where I did need intervention. I'm 44 this month. I needed to take action. I needed to help myself again. What I feel now - I feel the sensation of being full quickly, which I was not feeling."
Wilson admits she's feeling healthier than ever after taking up regular exercise and cutting sugar and flour out of her diet.
She adds, "I've learned I've got to take care of my health. This is about health... It's about my lifestyle. I'm laying the groundwork for myself, for my future."