Carmen Electra, a former protege of Prince, has reacted to the tragic death of the 57-year-old musician. Describing him as a ‘musical genius’, Electra, who was re-named by Prince, credited the artist with starting her career and believing in her.

Carmen ElectraCarmen Electra has paid tribute to her former mentor Prince.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Electra said: "The world has lost a truly incredible spirit and musical genius. What a blessing it is to be one of the chosen ones who had the chance to work so closely with him.”

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"He gave me my name, he believed in me, and he has inspired an entire generation. I will always love him.” Electra ended her statement with ‘Sometimes It Snows in April’, the title of his ballad from Parade, which also featured in film Under the Cherry Moon.

Electra first met Prince in the early 1990s, when she arrived in Hollywood under her real name Tara Leigh Patrick. After auditioning for a girlband he was putting together, Patrick found herself renamed Carmen Electra and becoming Prince’s newest protege. The two also became romantically involved.

Describing their relationship to E! News, Electra said: "He controlled everything, but I loved that about him. How I dressed, the music, hairstyles. He was genius at all that.” While the pair hadn't spoken in years, Electra still remembered her time with Prince fondly.

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“I guess what I always wanted to tell him after we stopped communicating is that I really loved him and I just felt like I needed to be successful on my own,” she said. "He made me who I am today. He inspired me. He believed in me. He picked a select few to believe in and taught us everything. I think of Prince every day."