Carmen Electra keeps her sexy figure by dancing.

The 41-year-old star has always had an enviable body and she has revealed she is keeping in shape now by practicing her dance moves for several hours each day.

Carmen - who is returning to her music career with upcoming single 'WERQ' - said: ''Dancing rehearsals and performances are, to me, the best way to stay in shape. We spend about six to eight hours a day rehearsing while prepping for a performance. Its fun and I don't think of it as a workout, but I notice the most results during those times.''

Carmen was signed by Prince to his label, Paisley Park Records, in 1991 but her music career fizzled out by 1995 and she began to move into acting with her most famous role playing lifeguard Lani McKenzie in 'Baywatch' - a part she landed in 1997.

Although she has been away from music for many years, the brunette beauty insists it has always been her plan to return to recording and although she is no longer in contact with Prince she is still grateful to him to this day for believing in her talents.

In an interview with the latest US issue of OK! magazine, she said: ''I've always wanted to continue making music and I've always tried to incorporate music and dance performance in some of the other work I've done. This time it was all about meeting the right people at the right time. This all happened in a very organic, natural way ... No, but I will always have gratitude toward him for believing in me as an artist and giving me the opportunity to spend every day playing at Paisley Park studios, which was like the Willy Wonka of music, performance, and creativity. I felt like I had been given the golden ticket to the chocolate factory!''