Carmen Electra says people are "shocked" when she tells them she hasn't had any cosmetic surgery.

The 48-year-old former Playboy model - who has just launched her own beauty brand GoGo Skincare - is known for her youthful complexion and she has insisted she has never gone under the knife and claims having "discipline" with her skincare is the secret to her natural radiance.

Speaking to the, Carmen spilled: "Let’s be real, we are in Hollywood here and when I share the real story most people are shocked, because normally a woman would have certain things done.

In my case I am completely free of [surgery] and I would say [my youthful appearance] is because of my discipline with my skincare routine."

However, the blonde beauty hasn't ruled out having surgery in the future.

She said: "For the moment I am happy with my routine and it’s working! I feel that everyone has the right to be who they want without judgement."

The 'Go Go Dancer' singer insisted it's important that anyone wishing to have a cosmetic procedure takes their time in choosing the right surgeon for the job.

Asked if she has any advice for those seeking surgery, she replied: "I would say never rush anything in life. Beauty and self-care especially should be like an adventure where you can explore all the many amazing modern options people have available, [both] surgical and non-surgical.

"If you do things with love and care you can never go wrong."

As well as following her strict skincare routine, Carmen tries to drink as much water as possible and avoids coffee, fizzy pop and alcohol to maintain her flawless skin.

She added: "I’m big on staying hydrated! Water can hydrate your skin from the inside out, it’s such a simple thing that I think a lot of people forget.

"I also try to stay away from items that damage your skin like caffeine, soda, and alcohol."