If there's one thing Carly Rae Jepsen never expected to be doing, it's watching film legend Tom Hanks mime her lyrics on the set of a music video. But that's exactly what happened with her new tune 'I Really Like You'. It's safe to say, she really likes Tom Hanks.

Carly Rae Jepsen at Comedy Central's Justin Bieber Roast
Carly Rae Jepsen really likes Tom Hanks

If you haven't seen the video already, you're the worst. Just kidding. It features the 'Captain Phillips' star going about his day to day business on a cold day in New York, with the hilariously peculiar twist that he's apparently singing the words to Jepsen's new single 'I Really Like You'; the first from her forthcoming studio album. Yes; we immediately imagined Hanks singing along to 'Call Me Maybe' too. If only. And despite his credentials as an amazing double Oscar-winning Hollywood superstar, he was surprisingly easy to bring on board.

Watch the video for 'I Really Like You' here:

'My manager and him are friends and he had mentioned that I was looking for a male lead to play the part of someone unexpected to be singing the song back to me', Jepsen revealed. 'Lo and behold, Tom said, 'Well, what about me?' And that was that. We couldn't believe our luck.' The new song has hardly seen a chart explosion in the vein of her memorable 2011 single, but that certainly doesn't take away from one of the most special experiences of her entire career.

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'It was the coldest day imaginable and Tom was such a sport', she insists. 'I keep saying I don't even think he knows that he's Tom Hanks.' If she didn't already love him enough, he made his presence yet more welcome when he offered to take a photo with every member of the video crew at the end of the day. 'It was one of the best days of my life', Jepsen recalls.

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