The talented singer/songwriter and cinematographer pieced together a film of his girlfriend hanging out between shows and promotional commitments as a gift for Jepsen and she was so impressed she pitched it to her record label bosses as the promo for her latest single.

The Call Me Maybe singer says, "It was really wonderful mostly because there was no real plan to make this video... He was visiting me on tour and he's a cinematographer, so he's documenting stuff as we were travelling from country to country... and this was sort of like our little fun.

"Finally, he clipped some pieces together and I was getting ready to film this Run Away With Me video and I loved how candid it was and how real it was, and how he caught moments about me that probably no one else would have been able to catch because I'm not as self-aware around him.

"We pitched it to the label and they were all down (with it) and I somehow conned my way into getting him to come to Japan and New York with me (to finish it); we felt like evil geniuses."