Carly Rae Jepsen "couldn't stop laughing" when she kicked her shoe off into the audience.

The 36-year-old pop star took over the title role in a Broadway production of 'Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella' from 'You're the One That I Want!' winner Laura Osnes in 2014 and recalled how because she had so little time to rehearse the technicalities prior to opening night, she ended up losing a glass slipper just before her debut.

She said: "You don't get to do the full run-through with all the tracks, the 17-pound ball gown — all the elements — until literally the day of [opening night]. I generally know where it's going. Laura Osnes explained to me that you stick the ballet slipper between your big toe and the rest of your toes. You run down holding it, and you lay it that way, so you don't trip over it. Then, I look into the distance, and I think, 'Is there a bird in the theater?' And I realize I had kicked the slipper into the audience! It was dress rehearsal, so there's no one actually there. I couldn't stop laughing, but it was that nervous laughter. I said to the director, 'Has anybody ever done that before?' He was like, 'No, and you can't do that!'

Meanwhile, the 'Call Me Maybe' hitmaker revealed that she has a recurring dream where she is running but takes flight and ends up in the newspaper.

She told PEOPLE: "My last recurring dream...I'm running on this gravel path, and then I start flying. And then someone's like, 'Call the newspaper,' and I wake up. I don't know — welcome to my life. I've got questions as well!"