In one of the most perfectly timed, heart-warming stories this side of Christmas, Santana guitarist Carlos Santana was reunited with one of his former bandmates. Before you ask why that might be heart-warming, consider that the former bandmate , percussionist Marcus Malone, was discovered by a newsteam compiling a report on illegal dumping in an Oakland neighbourhood and interviewing homeless people.

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana Has Been Miraculously Reunited With His Former Bandmate.

People Behaving Badly's Stanley Roberts for KRON 4 spoke with a "homeless man found rummaging for valuables," who introduced himself as Marcus Malone. After chatting to Malone for some time, the journalist discovered that the man was a landscaper and a music composer with a very interesting connection to Bay Area music hero and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Carlos Santana. "At one time I was with the Santana band, the original Santana blues band," Marcus said, via KRON 4, adding "Now I'm homeless and on the streets."

Carlos Santana Performing
Since Malone's Imprisonment, Santana Have Gone On To Conquer Rock 'N' Roll.

Like most stories, Malone's was taken with a pinch of salt but after a few phone calls that corroborated with his story, it was confirmed to be true. Marcus and Carlos had indeed played together into the proto-Santana back in the sixties but had lost contact after Malone was sent to prison in 1969. Shortly afterwards, Santana performed at Woodstock and set themselves on the fast track to rock 'n' roll fame whilst Malone's music career faded upon his jail release. Since then, he says he's been struggling to survive with a lack of work and a life on the Oakland streets.

Carlos claims that he tried to track down his former bandmate for years but to no avail. After watching the segment, Carlos travelled from his home in the North Bay to Pearmain Street in Oakland several times but still couldn't find him. Last Friday, Stanley Roberts and the KRON 4 team were called upon to bring two old friends back together and the pair were soon reunited.

Watch The Video Of The Incredible Reunion:

Carlos is known for his generosity towards people in need, and reportedly regularly donates large sums of money to a range of organisations. Footage shows the Mexico-born musician stepping out of the car and instantly embracing Malone with a warm bear hug. "That's him man," Carlos exclaimed. "That's magnificent Marcus Malone. His spirit is indomitable."

Since Malone and Carlos have rediscovered each other, more former bandmates have apparently reached out to their old friend, including former Santana percussionist Rod Harper and Santana producer and vocal arranger Bobby Scott, who said "God bless you this Christmas. Seeing those two hug brought tears to my eyes."