Guitar legend Carlos Santana is putting together a star-studded concert to fight racism and raise awareness of the problems facing black and Latino youngsters.

The veteran Mexican musician is teaming up with crooner Harry Belafonte and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta to make plans for a special charity gig, which he hopes will feature a number of high-profile artists including actor/singer Jamie Foxx.

Santana reveals he felt compelled to act after the recent scandal involving Donald Sterling, the owner of Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, who hit headlines last month (Apr14) when his taped conversation peppered with racist remarks went viral.

The musician tells, "We want to have a concert and bring Jamie Foxx and different kinds of artists, musicians of all colours and utilise this attention and this energy... Obviously (with) what happened with Donald Sterling and what's happening with people throwing bananas at soccer stadiums, you know, we have a lot to heal."

Santana wants to call the event "You Cannot Break My Spirit" and have it broadcast in prisons across the U.S. to give hope to those behind bars.