Carlos Santana is lucky to still have his life after he reportedly fell asleep at the wheel whilst driving in Las Vegas. With the music legend sleeping, his Fisker Karma drove out of the lane and careered into a row of parked cars, smashing up at least one, according to TMZ.

Carlos Santana
Santana Fell Asleep At The Wheel & Caused A Lot Of Damage.

A photograph on TMZ's website shows a heavily smashed Fisker Karma with its front end concertinaed, its driver airbag deployed and the front wheel resting on a large rock on someone's gravel driveway.

Guitarist Santana was lucky that it was only his flashy car that fell victim to his highway negligence. It is not yet known if there was an exact cause to Santana's steering wheel sleep as he is not believed to have been under the influence of any substances at the time, according to the police speaking to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Carlos Santana Thumbs Up
What Could Have Caused Carlos To Fall Asleep So Suddenly?

The 66 year-old rock star was unharmed despite his car being totalled and having to have been towed away. The lack of skidmarks on the road corroborates with the claim that Santana fell asleep and didn't come screeching to a halt. No pedestrians or other motorists were injured and it was reported by police that the two parked cars Santana drove into were empty at the time.

Though police and media reports are labelling the accident as "a minor incident," it could have gone a lot worse for Santana who's fortunate he'll live to play another day.

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Santana Is Lucky He'll Be Around To Collect His Kennedy Honor.

Santana has recently been named as a recipient for this year's Kennedy Center Honors alongside Billy Joel, Herbie Hancock, Shirley MacLaine, and Martina Aroyo at a special ceremony broadcast on CBS on 29th December.