Guitar great Carlos Santana has set his sights on working with Lady GaGa after the pop superstar's father proposed they hit the studio together.

The Maria Maria hitmaker, 66, recruited a slew of younger Latin artists for duets on his new album, Corazon, which features tracks with the likes of Romeo Santos, rapper Pitbull and Miguel, but there are still a few big names he would like to strike off his wish list, and Gaga is among them.

He tells People magazine, "I was approached by Lady Gaga's father, and he was like, 'When are you going to do something with my daughter?'."

British rocker Sting and opera star Andrea Bocelli are also high on Santana's dream list, as is R&B icon Prince.

He says, "I'd like to work with Prince. He's a genius. We've played together at different (events) but never in the studio."