Carla Bruni has praised new French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt for her "feminine" qualities.

The French First Lady - who has been a friend of the fashionista since she was a teenager - believes Emmanuelle embodies all of the qualities she used to when the pair were growing up, thanks to her lack of cosmetic surgery and minimal make-up use.

She said: "There is still something of a teenager about her. Emmanuelle has an unaffected way to be feminine. She doesn't wear make-up and hasn't had surgery."

Carla - who is the wife of French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy - thinks Emmanuelle, who is now at the helm of The Fashion magazine, is also reflective of the women of France with her "simple" style as "useless sophistication" has now become a thing of the past.

She added to US Vogue magazine: "She reflects how French women are feeling - simplicity is the state we all want to be in. We are tired of useless sophistication."