The Libertines say it feels ''good to be back in the studio''.

The band - made up of Carl Barat, John Hassall, Gary Powell and Pete Doherty - have recently been working on the follow-up to their self-titled 2004 album in Thailand and are pleased with how it is progressing.

Carl told BANG Showbiz: ''Yeah great. I've been in Thailand and we were all together before that. It's just good to be back in the studio making music.

''We've got a few more demos we've got to do but we'll record some of it in Thailand and some in a different mystery location.''

However, although they have been working on tracks in the Southeast Asian country as it is where Pete, 35, is in rehab for heroin addiction, they revealed the final recordings for their third LP may not be made in the country, with John keen to make a more upbeat album on the Mediterranean party island Ibiza, at some point in the future.

He continued: ''It's not definitely going to be recorded in Thailand, but I think Thailand's a great place, a very relaxed place. The thing was Pete was at a centre there, and we all went out to visit him and then we were a bit jealous, so we thought, 'We need to get out here and make a record.'''

John added: ''I think we should do it in Ibiza. Maybe we'll make our next break-up record in Ibiza.''

And while they are scheduled to appear at a number of festivals including T in the Park and Ibiza Rocks this summer, Carl believes it is unlikely Pete will return to the UK full time in the foreseeable future.

He added: ''We've got a bunch of festivals, we're excited about that, getting back together again and getting on with it. The last festival we did was such a joy, and writing the new stuff has been a joy.

''Apart from popping back for UK shows, I think he's staying out there for a while.''