Carine Roitfeld says Karl Lagerfeld is like ''a rock star''.

The former French vogue editor - who was at the helm of the respected fashion publication for over 10 years - is astonished by the level of fame the esteemed designer has achieved and thinks he gets recognised as much as A-list actors and musicians.

Carine - who has styled the last two seasons' CHANEL campaigns for Karl - said: ''Lagerfeld always calls me Mme Roitfeld, never Carine.

''It's funny, he's like a rock star now. You go on the street with him and it's like being with J-Lo.''

Despite her own ''rock and roll'' appearance, Carine insists her behaviour is far from glamorous and she will always put her family first.

She added in an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I look a bit rock and roll because of my black eyes, my black clothes and because I am quite skinny.

''But I have always been more of a mummy than an editor. I speak to my children every day - we are a very compact family. For me, they are the most important and they know that.''