Review of Carina Round: The Disconnection Review (Disconnected Records 13/10/2003) Album by Carina Round

Carina Round

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Carina Round: The Disconnection Review (Disconnected Records 13/10/2003)

Hailing from the Low Hill area of Wolverhampton, you would not expect some one to sound as cultured as the Nina Simone influenced Carina Round does. Having had a childhood that saw her house burgled five times and her mother's car being burnt down, you would be forgiven for expecting a female version of Eminem who makes PJ Harvey sound like a Jackanory narrator.

The defiant Carina, in her second album has a vocal diversity that can be quite tender in a Dido sense, like in 'Shoot' to catchy pop style of Sheryl Crow: 'Monument', with hints of rawer artists such as Patti Smith and PJ Harvey sprinkled into the intriguing album.

Music - Carina Round: The Disconnection Review (Disconnected Records 13/10/2003)
The sound created by Carina and her band is an intriguing mixture, as the track 'Lacuna' signifies, featuring a slow piano lead introduction before things take off a cacophony of noise created by crisp guitars and percussion, and then slowing down again. It is a bumpy ride in which Carina's terse and dark lyrics really hit home as you sense the anger rising to the surface:

"You're just looking for an excuse to call yourself a f**ker, look at her without the burden of what it is that you live for. She'll still be here when you carnival is over."

The impact of the aforementioned angry tune is softened in the following track 'Paris', which conveys the message that there are beautiful things and people in the world. This album explores a range of topics and emotions in a heartfelt manner. Having toured with the likes of Coldplay and David Gray this young Wolverhampton wordsmith has won many fans already, a trend which this latest offering is ensured to continue.