Review of She's The One Single by Caribou

She's The One
Single Review

Caribou She's The One Single

Formerly Manitoba, Dan Snaith's now using the moniker Caribou. 'She's The One' has some very obvious echoes of The Beach Boys in the vocals. There's a hypnotic sampled 'do-do-do' backing vocal that sounds quite effective and a chorus that reminds me of something that I can't quite place (I'll probably wake up at two in the morning in a fortnight's time shouting who it is, but for now it remains firmly out of reach).

There's nothing intrinsically wrong with this record - it's pretty enough and quietly understated. But, it feels very slight. Insubstantial, even. Perhaps it doesn't quite do enough to keep me interested, perhaps it doesn't quite engage me enough. Either way, I'm left with the impression of a few nice chords and that's about it. Next!

Jon Watson

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