Carey Mulligan would ''never'' sing with her husband.

The 'Suffragette' actress - who has welcomed her first child with Marcus Mumford - doesn't want to join Mumford & Sons on stage and would rather watch people sing on TV than do it herself.

Asked if she'd sing with the rocker, she said: ''I've been asked that many times and my answer is the same; never.

''Even when I was preparing to sing in some films, I didn't want to ask him to help me. I would rather watch other people sing on 'The X Factor'.''

The couple live on a farm because they enjoy the ''peace and beauty'' of the countryside, even though they are away from home a lot.

She told LOOK magazine: ''It's very relaxing to spend time in the countryside but we haven't spent that much time there lately because I'm often shooting in different places.

''I do have a fondness for nature because half my family is Welsh and I spent a lot of time in the countryside as a young girl.

''We have a farm but we're not farmers. It's just that we enjoy the peace and beauty of living in the countryside.''