Carey Mulligan has wanted Richard Curtis to write her a part in a rom-com for a decade.

The 'Promising Young Woman' star has revealed it would be her dream come true to nab a role in one of the 'Notting Hill' and 'Love Actually' director's future movies.

She told PORTER magazine: ''I've been campaigning for Richard Curtis to write me something for about 10 years!''

The 34-year-old star's latest role is as Cassie Thomas in the black comedy-drama and she has admitted that at first she found the story to be really ''romantic'' - but it actually delved deeper into issues of toxic masculinity and abuse.

She said: ''It's funny because the reaction I first had when I read the script was, 'This is soooo romantic.'

''What we reflected on, making this film, was the amount of real-life stories like this we know.

''A lot of this film is stuff that pretty much every woman I know has experienced in some way.''

Carey also opened up about what it's like being an actress post-MeToo, and how now that new measures are in place to protect young stars, no one will be able to ''turn a blind eye'' to misconduct on set.

She shared: ''The first concrete measure I saw was doing a play at the Royal Court called 'Girls & Boys'.

''They gave us a document that was a code of conduct ... I had never had that in my career.

''If that had been going on when I started at 18, it would have felt different. ''Now, I really think it would be wild for something to happen on set.

''No one would turn a blind eye.''

The 'Drive' actress added how important her female friendships have been to her through life's ups and downs.

She added: ''My female friendships have become increasingly important - particularly the ones with friends I made when I was 14 at school.

''It's something about doing stages of life together and supporting each other.''