The first trailer for Paper Towns starring model Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff premiered on this morning’s edition of NBC Today, giving us our first look at the young adult drama, which comes from The Fault In Our Stars author John Green, 

Paper TownsCara Delevingne stars with Nat Wolff in Paper Towns

Adapted from Green's best selling novel, Delevingne stars as Margo, the girl next door who captures the imagination of her neighbour Quentin "Q" Jacobsen, played by Nat Wolff. But after the two spend high school running in different circles, Q receives the shock he’d been waiting for one night, when Margo appears at his window and asks him to assist her with a revenge plot.

But Margo and Q’s budding friendship is short lived as the next morning, Margo is reported missing, and it's up to Q to piece together the clues to find her.

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For Wolff its his second time starring in an adaptation of John Green’s work, after impressing as Augustus' best friend Isaac in 2014's The Fault in Our Stars. The author was so impressed with Wolff's performance in the YA hit, that he became the first actor to be cast Paper Towns.

Watch the trailer for Paper Towns:

As for Delevingne, the author was initially sceptical at having the 22 year old model even read for the part of Margo. "When I heard she was auditioning, it was like, 'No.' Of course I thought that was crazy," Green told USA Today. "But then I saw the audition. She understood Margo in ways that no one I have ever met understands Margo.”

The film is directed by Jake Schreier and its cast includes Cara Buono, Austin Abrams, Halston Sage and Jim Coleman. Filming began last November in North Carolina and Wolff said he immediately bonded with co-stars Austin Abrams and Justice Smith, who play Q's best friends in the film.

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"We called each other by (our) characters' names," the actor said. "We hung out constantly. We thought about the movie all the time. This world became kind of real. And then it's over. Sometimes it's easier to shake a character. But I almost wanted Paper Towns to be my life.”

Paper TownsPaper Towns comes from The Fault In Our Stars author John Green

Paper Towns is set for release on July 24th.