Cara Delevingne will reportedly perform a drum medley at the British Fashion Awards.

The supermodel is keen to launch a career in music and is set to make her live debut in front of the likes of Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung at the upcoming event.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, an insider said: ''Cara will perform with a live orchestra and a state-of-the-art guitar and drum set have been ordered into the Coliseum for the event.

''She wanted to do something really different and surprising rather than a usual walk along the catwalk.''

It will be the biggest crowd she has played in front of to date, although Cara - a multi-instrumentalist on both drums and guitar - is said to more excited than nervous.

The source added: ''This is the first time Cara has ever performed in front of such a big crowd but she feels confident on the drums. She's been playing for years and is also a dab hand on guitar.''

According to previous reports, Cara is set on trying to move into pop music and has begun to see it as a viable career path.

An insider has said: ''Cara loves singing. When she was younger she would sit at home and mess about but recently she's started to take it seriously.

''She loves music, she loves festivals and she loves singing. Now she wants to add it to her CV and actually get herself a pop career.''