Cara Delevingne did tequila shots with Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Lars Ulrich.

The 22-year-old model went to a Metallica concert a few years ago and on to a party afterwards with drummer Lars where they met divas Mariah and the late Whitney and Cara revealed she wound up downing drinks with them all.

Speaking to KISS FM, she said: ''So there was one night, it was a couple of years ago where I spent the night at a Metallica concert at a gig. I was standing behind Lars Ulrich and as a drummer it was the most incredible thing. He gave me his drumsticks and I'm thinking should I lick them or is that a bit rude? Thinking - will this give me more drumming talent?

''And then after that we went to this incredible house somewhere in the middle of the country and met Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. We all did tequila shots. I was standing there going wow this is incredible and inspirational.''

Model-turned-actress Cara is currently putting all her energy into acting, and while it was believed she had put plans for a music career on the back burner, Cara says she will always have music in her life.

She said: ''Music is something that helps me escape and relieve some sort of energy that I have, probably kind of pent up somewhere. I'll always do music, music is my life.''

Cara also revealed her tips for a successful audition, explaining: ''I always go in and take my shoes off and dance around like a lunatic and I really embarrass myself, so then it can only get better, hopefully, during the audition.''