Cara Delevingne has donated her orgasm to science.

The 30-year-old model - who identifies as pansexual - agreed to give researchers a sample of her blood before and after embarking on a solo sex act so they could study its effect on her body chemistry as part of an investigation into the "gender climax gap", a term used to describe why men are more likely to orgasm during intimacy than women.

Visiting a hospital in Germany, she tells viewers of her documentary series 'Planet Sex With Cara Delevingne': "I’m here to have an orgasm and donate it to science.

"I think female sexual desire has definitely been repressed. I know from my own love life just how sexual women can be so you’d think in the 21st Century men and women should be having equally satisfying sex lives, right?

"Well, prepare for a shock. When it comes to the orgasm there is a definite gender gap.

"Scientists say that 95 per cent of straight men orgasm during intercourse but only 65 per cent of straight women do.

"To be honest I think that sounds way too high, most of my straight female friends say it’s probably more like 15 or 20 per cent.

"Lesbians and queer women definitely seem to have it better."

Researches measured the levels of endocannabinoids - a chemical which reduces anxiety, increases euphoria and amplifies the pleasurable response to sex - in both stages of the experiment, and the results will be explained on the show.

The documentary series sees the 'Carnival Row' star travel the globe to speak to people candidly about their experience, and also take part in a variety of experiences, including making a cast of her vagina in Japan and visiting a film set making "ethical" pornography.

But Cara recently admitted she felt like a "prude" when she was asked to remove her underwear and take part in a masturbation seminar.

She said: “I went into the masturbation seminar thinking it was going to be a classroom and I’d have a notepad, and instead it was a pink, leather gym mat on the floor, with six people going, ‘Well, take your underwear off. This is the lube.'

“I didn’t realise I was a prude. I think I’m a pretty hip, young, cool, down-with-anything kind of girl but I was like, ‘Sorry what? Sorry, no, absolutely not, I will not do that.’ But I kind of did everything I felt comfortable doing.”