Cara Delevingne posed nude under a blazer for her latest Yves Saint Laurent campaign.

The 'Paper Towns' actress stunned in the minimal attire as she promoted the brand's Rouge Pur Couture lipstick.

Captioning a photograph of Cara, the YSL Beauty official Instagram account wrote: ''A colour so bold you'd feel naked without it #YSLrougepurcouture #YSLbeauty (sic)''

And the 23-year-old model and actress has previously revealed she is a big fan of bold lip shades.

She shared: ''I love red or deep purple lips for events.''

When asked what makeup look she prefers on her day off, she added: ''No makeup. That's my signature.''

Despite her love for lipstick, Cara says her favourite feature is her infamous eyebrows but has admitted she regrets having to have them bleached at shows.

She said: ''The back of my head? OK, my eyebrows [are my favourite]. But to be honest, I was forced to like my eyebrows. I absolutely despised them originally, and I wanted to shave them off. But my mother was just like, 'You'll regret that for the rest of your life. Don't you dare touch them!' I didn't.

''At fashion shows my brows often get bleached, and they've been dyed back much darker--like jet black, where you can't even see my skin. Sometimes with Just for Men! What a mistake. At times the two brows aren't even the same colour!''