The Brit has posted a shot of the Australian actress, dressed as her character Harley Quinn, inking the base of her foot on Instagram.

The tattoo commemorated the end of her run in the blockbuster, which also stars Jared Leto and Will Smith.

In another snap Delevingne shared, she tattoos another member of the cast, while Robbie looks on.

Reports suggest all the castmates tattooed each other, so they'd have a permanent reminder of the project.

Meanwhile, Jai Courtney decided to give a more tangible wrap gift - his co-star Ike Barinholtz posted a photo on of the present, which is a gold ring with the word, 'skwad' engraved on the front.

Barinholtz added the caption, "That's a wrap on Suicide Squad for this dirtbag! @jaicourtney gave me this dope ring which I am willing to sell if the price is right."