Cara Delevingne has hit out at ''perverse'' photographers who ''misuse'' models.

The 22-year-old superstar started modelling at the age of 17 quickly becoming one the most sought after muse's in fashion but she claims she was exposed to the darker side of the industry early on.

Cara was shocked by how many photographers were only involved in the industry as a means to meet women.

Speaking to Rupert Everett at the Women in the World Summit in London, she said: ''The thing with models is you get used. I saw a lot of misuse from photographers, perverse photographers, to young girls ... A lot of straight photographers only do this because they want to sleep with models ... Poor girls who don't stand up for themselves because they feel like you should be used, because that's what models do.''

Now Cara is established as one of the world's most influential models and one of the hottest actresses in the world she plans to use her influence to inspire young women all over the world and help them cope with any problem they have to face.

She added: ''I have so many messages just for young girls about how mental illness and depression is not something to be afraid of. And also, women are great. They're wonderful, wonderful creatures. Women are the bearers of life ... Be comfortable in your own shoes, which apparently I'm not, because you're going to be in them for a while.''