Cara Delevingne has never plucked her eyebrows.

The 20-year-old model is famous for her strong brows and she admits she does very little to maintain their shape, except ensure she doesn't end up with a ''uni-brow''.

She said: ''I never really touch my brows, apart from the bit in the middle.

''I have to, otherwise I'll have a uni-brow, but I've never plucked or threaded them. To keep them in check, I use Anastasia Beverly Hills tinted Brow Gel.''

Cara also revealed there are two products which she takes everywhere because they are so versatile.

She added to LOOK magazine: ''I have two multi-purpose creams that I use for everything - Lucas Papaw Ointment and Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream.

''They're great for dry skin, which I usually get when I have a lot of make-up on for the shows. But I also apply it to my flaky cuticles and cuts and grazes.''

And the British beauty - who is known for her hard partying - can't get enough of fruit-filled smoothies.

She said: ''Naked smoothie, the green one, is amazing. It's got apple, banana, kiwi, mango and pineapple in it.''