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Captain Glorious Single

These days A-ha are back in favour and it's just as well for Captain. It may not be 1985 anymore but if 'Take on Me' was never written, 'Glorious' could have soundtracked that video. With this track Captain have captured an atmosphere from the 80s and transposed it into their own songwriting and production. The band can't be criticised purely on that basis but yes, they have been and the song itself has been sidelined in an act of pure silliness. Silly. I beg to differ.

Primarily, this is amazing to hear from such a new band. The all-important synthesised riff is immediately likeable and steeped in a dusty eighties feel from old keyboards long packed away. Vocally, Rick and Clare seem made for each other and with a contrasting vocal blend, the chorus of "It's a glo-o-o-orious town" is made supremely memorable thanks to them.

Much like The Feeling, Captain have formed something fresh and exciting from a pure pop style we all used to sneer at. But most promising for this single is demonstrating the strength of their songwriting to the point of being able to create something in itself a classic. It isn't bleedin' easy and Captain have a lot to be proud of.


Jamie Curtis

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