Caprice thinks women shouldn't wear underwear to keep their relationships ''going''.

The 43-year-old model-turned-businesswoman - who has sons Jax and Jett, 22 months, with partner Ty Comfort - finds raising her sons tiring but believes it is very important to make time to be alone with her financier boyfriend.

She said: ''You have to be careful when you have children not to neglect your man.

''Men are simple creatures - they just want good food, to be complimented and have sex.

''It's tiring but once the boys go to sleep it's my time with Ty and I have to be available for that. We go out on date nights at least once or twice a week.''

Asked if she agrees with presenter Davina Mccall's recent comments that women should keep their men happy by wearing matching underwear, she added: ''No, I think women don't need to wear underwear at all, then you really keep your relationship going - and that's coming from the CEO of a lingerie company.''

Caprice - who gave birth to one of her sons a few weeks after the other was born via a surrogate, though she refuses to say which and is raising them as twins - also admitted she doesn't get much help with the boys from Ty.

Asked if her partner is a hands-on dad, she told Britain's OK! magazine: ''Ty? Really? No. But I don't mind.

''A few times one of them was sick and I asked him to help me, but I don't mind getting up myself.''