Caprice is raising her sons as twins.

The 43-year-old model and partner Ty Comfort welcomed a baby boy into the world just weeks after their surrogate gave them another son in August 2013, and she has decided to give the boys, Jax and Jett, the same birthday.

She said: ''If anyone asks, are they twins? I always reply, yes. I need quite a long time to tell my story and they look so close in age it is easier to say they are twins.

''When it comes to their birthdays, I will find an official date and we'll celebrate on the same day. ''

However, Caprice - who has never publicly revealed which of the boys she gave birth to - will tell her sons ''the truth'' as they grow older and allow them to decide if they want to continue to celebrate their birthdays together.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''As they get older, it will be up to them if they prefer separate birthdays.

''So yes, I will tell them the truth eventually, but I don't think it will affect them in a bad way or make them feel any different.

''I love these boys so much, more than my own life, and I'm their biological mother.''

And while they are not technically twins, Caprice says the boys interact like siblings who shared a womb.

She said: ''They adore each other but also drive one another mad.

''So they'll fight over ridiculous things like their cars or who gets on a swing first, yet if they're not together every moment they miss each other.''