Caprice's son is ''high maintenance'' like her.

The 41-year-old model welcomed two baby boys, Jax and Jett, earlier this one - one via a surrogate and one she carried herself - and she says the tots have distinct personalities, taking after her and her boyfriend Ty Comfort respectively.

She said: ''Jett is me. He looks like me, he acts like me, he is a chunky monkey like his mummy used to be.

''Jax looks like Ty. He has a very long, skinny body, just like his daddy. And his nose and mouth is just like Ty's father, Grandpa Bill.

''Jett is high maintenance and Jax is low maintenance like his father.''

Caprice and her beau turned to a surrogate after suffering a miscarriage and three failed rounds of IVF, however, the model received a surprise when she conceived a child of her own just a month after her surrogate became pregnant with their child.

The bodacious blonde beauty has made a conscious decision not to reveal which of her boys - who were born a month apart - were carried by the gestational carrier, but she will tell them directly when the time is right.

She explained to the Daily Mail newspaper: ''The way I look at it, I just had a babysitter for one of them. One day I will tell them one had a babysitter for nine months, but it's important for me to do that in my own time. And I want to tell them. I don't want somebody else to do it.''