Caprice insists sex is ''essential'' during lockdown.

The 48-year-old model is exhausted doing housework and homeschooling her sons Jax and Jett, both six, but is adamant it is important to find the time to make an effort for her husband Ty Comfort.

The couple have two date nights a week which lead to lovemaking and Caprice insists it's a viral part of their relationship as the pair cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to the new issue of Closer magazine, she said: ''I've got to keep my sex life up otherwise my husband goes nuts. It's essential.

''Normally, I want to rip Ty's clothes off all the time.

''I fancy the pants off him, but homeschooling and cleaning this house is so exhausting - sometimes I spend all day in my PJs.

''You can't be lazy though, because once you let it go, it never comes back.

''I make an effort to dress up twice a week for a date night. It makes you feel human again - you have to look after yourself in this crazy time.''

Caprice turns 50 next year and not only is she planning to embrace reaching the milestone age, she also wants to strip off naked for a special photo shoot to mark the occasion.

She said: ''I'll do a naked shoot to mark my 50th birthday.

''It's hard to believe I'll be that age but I'm not scared. I'm embracing it. ''Look at how amazing J.Lo is at 50 - she's smoking hot.

''I've got my kids, my amazing husband, a thriving business, and I've grafted my whole life to earn it all myself.

''I was insecure in my 20s but now the bulls**t doesn't affect me and I know what my priorities are. I'll be better than ever at 50.''