Caprice has ''stepped up'' her healthy eating regime since having kids.

The 42-year-old model - who has 23 month olds Jax and Jett with her husband Ty Comfort - insists she was relatively healthy before welcoming the youngsters but has now switched to a 90 per cent vegan diet to ensure her body is operating at its ''optimum''.

Caprice gave birth to one of her sons in September 2013 less than a month after the couple welcomed their first via a surrogate and juggles looking after the tots - whom she is raising as twins - with running her own underwear company, By Caprice Lingerie Ltd.

She said: ''When you have kids and are running your own business, you have to be at your optimum. I was really looking after myself before I had kids and now I've stepped it up. I only eat organic, I'm 90 per cent vegan and I juice - for me, it's kale, spinach, cayenne pepper, lemon, green beans and a bit of ginger.''

The self-professed ''workhorse'', also opened up about starting her own business and revealed she felt she'd been too ''naïve'' when she established the now hugely successful lingerie line in 2006.

She told the Metro newspaper: ''I was naïve. If I knew then what I know now, I would have done things differently.''

And the blonde beauty has even more projects in the pipeline.

She said: ''I'm looking to expand my own bedding line and I'm starting a mummy blog.''